Exercise Nutrition Classes

Whether you are new to working out or a seasoned athlete, step up your game with our three sports nutrition classes appropriate for ages 14 and older:

Introduction to Sports Nutrition

Fuel your body with food and fluids to bring your fitness performance to the next level. This class is a good fit for those exercising 60 minutes or less, including those with goals of a 5K, 10K or general workout routine. Get through your next training without a stomach or side ache and feel energized to the finish!

Discover the basics of sports nutrition:

  • Timing meals and snacks
  • Nutrition needs when working out
  • Hydration tips
  • Common myths

Advanced Sports Nutrition

Maximize your daily training, recovery period and race performance through strategic hydration and fueling. This class will address food-related challenges unique to competitive athletes who participate in vigorous workout sessions, especially those prepping for endurance activities such as half marathons, marathons, cycling events or triathlons.

Discover the nutritional needs of the elite athlete:

  • Meal and snack timing for training
  • Avoidance of “bonking” or “hitting the wall”
  • Adequate hydration
  • Common supplements
  • Banned substances
  • Common myths

Nutrition for Runners

Get the most out of your runs through improved nutrition. If you find that you are extremely sore or tired after a run, this class provides tips for optimal recovery and performance.

Discover how to fuel for your next training session:

  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Nutrition tips to fight early fatigue
  • Intake for recovery
  • Fueling for a great run
  • Iron, protein and carbohydrate needs for the avid runner

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