Body Composition

Have you ever wondered how many calories you would need to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight? Knowing your body composition can help you set goals related to diet and exercise. Or, it can help you track progress for building muscle for your sport of choice.

A baseline test shows how much of total weight is made up of muscle and bone versus fat. A repeat test after 2-3 months, performed and interpreted by an experienced exercise physiologist, can find if your efforts are resulting in muscle building or changes in your body’s makeup.

Our program offers two body composition tests.

Bioelectrical Impedance

This test looks at total body water (TBW) and uses it to estimate fat-free mass in relation to total body mass.

To prepare for the test:

  • No alcohol 48 hours before the test
  • Avoid intense exercise 12 hours before the test (running, weight lifting or exercises longer than 30 minutes)
  • Avoid eating or drinking (especially caffeinated products) 4 hours before the test
  • Empty bladder 30 minutes before the test
  • Avoid all diuretics for 7 days before the test, if possible (talk to your doctor before stopping medicine)
  • Take off shoes, socks or nylons at the time of the test

You will not feel anything during the 15-minute test.

Skinfold Test

An exercise physiologist estimates body composition through a three-site caliper test:

  • Men will be measured at the chest, belly and thigh
  • Women will be measured at the tricep, thigh and suprailium (the skin just above the hip)

This test takes about 15 minutes.

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