As we hike, we join others.  As we learn about each other, we invest in new relationships.  As we create new relationships, we are inspired by others.  Together we are  connecting to nature through experiences in nature.   Come Join Us!


Connecting people to nature through hiking events, educational learning experiences, and wellness services, in order to support healthier and happier communities.


Begin, Believe, Become
Find a healthier version of yourself

For more information on HIKEhoppers visit: hikehoppers.org

About our Partnership with HIKEhoppers

Ready to hit the trails? We have worked together to create a package for you! 

Package Details:

4-Month Park Challenge

  • 4 Guided Hikes
  • 3 Optional Enhanced Events*
  • Themed journal pages with independent challenges, resources and suggested activities. 
Package Cost (based on number of people signed up with us!):

*Optional enhanced events require additional payment

Guided Hikes:

All packages come with a water bottle ($12 dollar value), and challenge completion stickers ($3 per month value).

Add immediate family and create a healthy family time!

  • Additional Adults: $50
  • Add Children(Ages 12 & under): $20
    • Challenge completion stickers
    • Finisher sticker
    • Group hike once a month


To register with HIKEhoppers, you will pay the minimum registration fee ($50).

Once registration closes January 31st, we will then know the total number of people registered with us; you will then be responsible for the difference (up to $25 for a total of up to $75). 

So, to pay less, invite all of your friends and family members to join you and register! 

These are special events offered by HIKEhoppers in June, July, and August.

  • June: Thailand Adventure. 
  • July: Retreat 
  • August: Scenic Park

For more information on these events, please visit: hikehoppers.org.