Sports Dietitian

Optimize your sports performance and overall wellness with the right nutrition for your sport and activity level.

Whether you would like to build muscle, run faster, lose weight, improve your performance or address some other specific issue, our registered dietitian offers expert, comprehensive care.

This dietitian will help you adapt your diet to meet your unique health goals – all in a facility connected to a gym, making your experience as convenient as possible. You can even pair your sports nutrition appointments with training sessions to take your performance to the next level.

Lifestyle Health offers two sports nutrition programs:

Individual Session

Through this single session, our sports dietitian will help you address a particular issue related to your eating and exercise.

Three-Session Package

Our expanded sports nutrition package is perfect for those age 14 and older starting a training regimen or setting long-term goals, such as building muscle, running faster, losing weight or improving performance. We can pair the package with your sport and training schedule for maximum benefit, adjusting your diet as activity increases.

Call 320-534-3096 to schedule a sports dietitian session.