Functional Nutrition highlights the importance of food selection for optimal health. Food can serve as medicine. It has the power to positively affect how we feel and how much energy we have. Food can even prevent, treat or reverse many chronic diseases!

As part of your Functional Medicine consultation you also will see a functional nutrition dietitian.

    • Those looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and diet.
    • Those looking for a holistic approach to food for the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions.
    3-session bundle: $150
    12-session bundle (over 6 months) with phone consultations: $350


    Lifestyle Health accepts insurance for Functional Nutrition. We are in-network providers for HealthPartners, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Mayo, Preferred One, MinnesotaCare, Medicaid, Medicare and others.

    General information:

    • Our goal is to provide you with a range of payment information, so you can select the best option for your budget.
    • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) are usually eligible for coverage. Health reimbursement accounts (HRA) also may provide coverage under certain circumstances.
    • Insurance coverage varies. Ask your insurance company (find the customer service number on your insurance card) about covered services. Here are a few questions to ask:
      1. Will my plan cover (insert service)? It may be helpful to share these CPT codes for Functional Nutrition dietitian visits: 97802 and 97803.
      2. How many visits are allowed per calendar year?
      3. Do I need prior authorization?
      4. Do I need a referral?
      5. Do I have a co-pay?
      6. Do I have a deductible? If yes, has it been met?
    • Some policies require a referral from a primary care physician for the treatments to be covered and may have annual limits. Most policies do not require a referral.
    • Medicare has limited coverage for dietitian visits.
    • Our cash price is $150 for three visits with a dietitian. If billed through insurance, cost would be approximately $640 due to added paperwork for medical billing, diagnostic coding, communication with insurance companies, etc.
    • Your insurance may require you to pay your deductible before covering dietitian visits. A deductible is an amount of out-of-pocket expense that you must pay before your insurance benefits start. Deductibles are usually calculated on a calendar-year basis, and any covered medical expenses that you pay for out-of-pocket should be applied toward your deductible until it’s been met for the year.
    • If you are in a high deductible plan, our cash option may be the best value for you.
    • If you have questions, please call our office.

    First session: 30-45 minutes
    Additional sessions: 20-30 minutes each

Call 320-534-3096 to schedule your consultation with a dietitian.